What is an addiction?

Anyone who has a dependency on alcohol and cannot function without it has an alcohol addiction.

Some people may be functioning alcoholics.

Functioning alcoholics will still be able to go to work and do their traditional day-to-day routines while needing a certain amount of alcohol to survive.

There are also non-functioning alcoholics.

This refers to individuals who require a certain amount of alcohol and cannot do the things they would do because of their dependency.

It is important to understand that having a few drinks every weekend does not automatically mean you are an alcoholic.

Recognising the problem

Seeing that you or a loved one is showing signs of alcoholism is the first step towards getting help.

By noticing there is a pattern of alcohol addiction, it makes it easier for the help process to begin.getting help for an alcohol addiction

Help cannot be given unless the person struggling realises that their addiction is affecting their lives and they must want to get better.

Castle Craig is a team of addiction specialists based in Scotland that have helped many former alcoholics begin their journey to become free from alcohol.

They provide everyone with a safe environment and support so each patient feels supported during the journey.

You might not have found many London based alcohol rehab centres that can help with your alcohol addiction.

If not, visit Castle Craig’s website for more information about their alcohol rehab centre and see why patients choose them when looking for a way to treat their alcoholism.

Getting help

By starting the recovery process for your alcoholism, you will be able to have a fresh chance at life and begin your sobriety.

Not only are there many health advantages that benefit someone who wants to go sober, but it is also good for them mentally by providing them with a chance to live a life free of alcohol.


If you require any free information and resources about getting help for alcohol addiction, please visit the NHS and Alcohol Change websites for everything you will need to know about getting help.

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